Condo Prices Increase in Many Canadian Cities

If you are planning on moving to a Canadian city, whether you already live in the country or you are moving in from another country, you will need consider the housing prices within each area that you are interested in. According to recent reports, some of the housing prices throughout Winnipeg, Calgary, and Montreal have actually fallen, which is great news for those seeking single family properties.


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But what about those individuals who would prefer a condo or detached home in another popular Canadian city? Well, unfortunately, the news isn’t as good for them. Continue reading to learn more about the increases in condo prices that has recently been seen in many beloved Canadian cities.

Recent Housing Reports Show Price Increases

The Royal LePage has released figures that suggest that popular Canadian cities, such as Toronto, as well as areas like Vancouver, are doing very well in terms of real estate. These areas saw double-digit increases in housing prices, from detached bungalows to two-storey houses. On top of that, condo prices also went up, but their price increases were less dramatic, coming in at around a six per cent increase.

Some Housing Markets Remain More Affordable

On the other hand, Royal LePage also reported that some housing markets actually saw dips in the pricing for residential properties. So if you are in search of a new home in Canada but you want to get the best deal possible because you are on a very tight budget, check out markets like Winnipeg, Calgary, and Montreal, where you will find that the prices have fallen recently.

Other popular housing markets, including Fredericton, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Halifax, saw prices that remained steady or that were moderately higher than before.

The Reason for Price Increases

So what exactly is causing the condo price increases in many Canadian cities recently? Well, when you take a close look at the country’s residential market for real estate, there are really two types of cities and two different pricing structures.

Big city real estate shows most of the gains in the national average for Canadian home prices. This is because of the shortage of single-family homes, particularly those that are detached, which are quite popular in Toronto and Vancouver. And there is such a high demand for housing in Calgary that listings sell right away and drive prices up.

Smaller cities, on the other hand, have seen moderate increases of around two per cent. So if you are searching for more affordable options, try looking in areas like Okanagan in British Columbia, as well as Edmonton. With less demand and more houses on the market, you will probably find what you’re looking for, and within your budget.

If you are in search of a condo in Montreal or in another major Canadian city, make sure you look in the right areas for the best pricing. You may find that a lot of the homes are out of your budget, or you may get lucky and find an affordable gem in an area that you love.

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Benefits of Professional AC Installation

Jul 02, 15 Benefits of Professional AC Installation

Many homeowners are proud of the fact that they are self-sufficient and able to handle repairs on their own. However, when it comes to your air conditioner in Calgary, do-it-yourself repairs are generally a bad idea. While DIY homeowners think they can save money by completing the work on their own, this is not always the case, especially if they break something that was not previously broken. This is why a professional should be contacted for every repair, every time.

A Properly Sized Unit

One of the primary benefits offered by hiring a professional for AC work is that they know how to measure the home or building to ensure the right size AC system is purchased. If the AC unit installed is not the right size, it may operate inefficiently or cause higher than normal energy costs. Taking some time to let a professional size the home for the right unit is essential in achieving superior efficiency.

Improve Longevity and Efficiency

There are tons of small, seemingly unimportant details that go into the installation of a AC unit, which includes proper placement of seals, bolts and electrical connections. If these are not done properly, then the AC may still work, but there is a good chance that it will not operate efficiency. This will cause higher electrical bills and reduce the life of the entire unit. This will only cost more money down the road, so letting a professional install the unit to begin with just makes sense.

Guarantees Offered

When a professional service is used for the installation of an air conditioning unit, they typically come with some type of guarantee. This means that if something goes wrong, the unit is not operating properly or it does not work efficiently, the professional services will come out and check what is going on, making repairs if necessary. Due to the guarantee that came along with their service, there is no out-of-pocket charge for the home or business owner. Also, most new AC systems themselves have a warranty, so if the entire unit has to be replaced, the owner will not have to pay out of pocket.

Taking the time to consider all the benefits makes it pretty clear why professional services should be used for the installation of air conditioning units. While doing it on your own may seem tempting, this is typically never a good idea – especially if you have no prior experience with this type of work. For more information about AC installation services, simply contact the professionals at ClearView plumbing. They can help you see why their services are so beneficial for any type of AC installation needs.

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