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One Year Online !

By in September 17, 2012 • Filed in: News, Website

As the title said, RGF is now online since a year, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As time flies! Who say One Year, say big changes! First as you can see, there a New Theme on the Website. Thanks to my really good friend Jay who did an amazing job on the theme. I hope you love it because I’m really fond of it. I wanted something new and something really clear, so that’s it! Second, you can see there is a New Theme on the Gallery too. Thanks to Jessica who did an amazing job on the Gallery. I wanted something clear too and I hope you like it too.

There is more. This Version is completely responsive for your phones, and now you can tweet me directly via the Website. Isn’t that awesome ?!

I wanted to thanks all the people who send a lot of nice messages to me with so much good review on the Website. I hope you still all like the Website and it’s still a pleasure for you to come here and visit. The first year of so many others…